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Overcoming Challenges of Remote Communications

Overcoming Challenges of Remote Communications

Remote communication as part of the digital transformation in upstream oil and gas, operational efficiencies gained with digital tools, potential CO2 emission reduction with remote collaboration, and case studies


Collaboration à distance entre technicien et expert maintenance (AR/EAM/IA)

How is the oil and gas industry is adopting remote communication technologies to optimize operations and reduce tech dispatch?

OGGN podcast

ViiBE on Oil and Gas HSE – OGHSE128

Russel interviews Marc Prempain, CEO @ViiBE, a remarkable video assistance remote diagnosis software tool especially when used in conjunction with RealWear ATEX certified hands-free hardware capabilities.

Zendesk Roadshow France

Zendesk Roadshow

Benoît Lacayrouze, After-Sales Director @Decathlon, Gwendoline Jansonnie, Senior Manager Enterprise Sakes @Zendesk and Marc Prempain, CEO @ViiBE on the ViiBE x Zendesk partnership and Decathlon use case.

Perspectives Ep1 The future of Remote Assistance 1

Perspectives : The future of Remote Assistance

Marc Prempain, CEO @ViiBE, Marine Martinez, in charge of Innovation and the RATP Group Accelerator and Alexander Michael, Director of Consulting @Frost & Sullivan.

Claims management

Quick-wins of claims management

Automation for simple claims: self-care, RPA, artificial intelligence..


Expertise at a distance: video assistance, visual support, etc..

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