ViiBE Video Report
From your Customers

Avoid displacement and close tickets faster with ViiBE Video Report


Allow on-site technicians or customers at home to accurately and immediately report incidents regardless of any potential internet connectivity issues and regardless of experts availability

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ViiBE Video Report

from your experts


from your customers


ViiBE Video Report from your Customers
Integrated in your Favorite CRM's

ViiBE Video Report from your customers

Your customers or technicians can share with your team a ViiBE Video Report 

of their problem from three different sources


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QR code ViiBE Report

ViiBE Video Report embedded in your online form

Your ViiBE dedicated Web Portal

QR codes pasted on your machines

Empower your ViiBE Experience with
ViiBE Video Report from your Customer

By capturing the information about the encountered problem using the video-recording interface, adding annotations and unlimited files, customers and technicians can share all the details of their query and receive precise assistance from the expert(s).

Access to our youtube channel

ViiBE Video Report Form

Asistance Form

A customer encounters a problem and heads to a company’s or a supplier’s website to request assistance.


Thanks to ViiBE Video Assistance the customer simply adds its contact information, and in one click, he/she gets all the visual support needed to fix the problem,  the customer can capture  relevant details and attach as many additional media files (jpeg, png, pdf, mp4) as needed with no limit in size. 

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ViiBE Video Report Web Portal

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ViiBE Web Portal

If a company does not have a dedicated application form, ViiBE offers an after-sales platform that can be customized for the company’s subdomain.


The customer will launch video report directly from it and share it with agent(s).

ViiBE Video Report QR code

ViiBE video Report with QR code

ViiBE video report QR code can be pasted and pasted on any equipment for technicians/customers to be able to record the encountered problem and share it with agent(s). 

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QR Code across all industries

ViiBE video report QR code can be implemented in all types of industries, smaller and bigger scale. We adapt in order to respond to all demannds

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Accessing the Report, Call History

Expert view: accessing the ticket

After the call is finished, you will be able to consult the data generated during the interaction directly from your ticket, work order or case.


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Deep Diving in the ViiBE Video Report
from the customer's view

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Inside the History of the call you can find all the documents needed in order to resolve the customers issue (pictures captured, shared documents, feedback, participants, etc…).


Increased FCR, decreased displacement that leads to decreased costs, time-coded proof of intervention compliance


Decreased displacement reduced C02 emissions and strengthens companies sustainability strategy

Branding & Marketing ​

Branding and Marketing, elevated customer experience, concrete timeframes on how quickly the queries can be resolved

QoS and R&D

Creation of a strong knowledge base, videos of product anomalies can be shared with QoS and R&D departures for product improvement, video can be converted into training materials

Ready to implement visual support?

Our team is  ready to provide you with a full demo of our solution.

The solutions to your problems

ViiBE for sales

Increase sales and improve customer experience by integrating visual support into your website.

Virtual call center

Reduce downtime by reshaping the way field operators reach out to the right experts in real-time.

Ticketing solution

Generate, organize, store, and search data in tickets – standalone or integrated into your tech ecosystem.

Expertise call routing

Reduce downtime by reshaping the way field operators reach out to the right experts in real-time.

ViiBE report

Help technicians capture on-site information in an instant with autonomous report creation.

Knowledge management

Create a corporate knowledge base and reduce ramp-up times without the need for a dedicated service.

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