From your Customers

Your customers or technicians can share with your team a ViiBE Video Report 

of their problem from three different sources

ViiBE report Public both cases Plan de travail 1 copie 1
ViiBE report Public both cases 04 2
QR code ViiBE Report

ViiBE Video Report embedded in your online form

Your ViiBE dedicated Web Portal

QR codes pasted on your machines

After choosing the source 

The customers are taken directly to a video recording interface to share their problem

Customer joins the call

The customers can capture data and add media they want to share with the expert(s) with no limit in size and quantity for more precise assistance. A wide range of functionnalities is available.

ViiBE integrated to SAP

Agent accessing the ticket after
the ViiBE Video Report is finished

Salesforce integrated in ViiBE

After ViiBE Video Report is finished, the agent will be able to consult the data generated during the interaction directly from your Zendesk ticket. To access the details of the ViiBE Video Report, inside the ticket click the “Call history”.

Salesforce integrated in ViiBE

On the tabs the agent will access different information about the ViiBE Video Video Report:  pictures captured, feedback, participants, etc. To access the video recording of the session, the agent will have to go on the “Archives” where the recording of the session is stored.


Frequently asked questions

Zendesk is a world-wide CRM platform that serves over 150,000 customers over hundreds of industries in more than 30 languages. Zendesk provides support , sales, and customer engagement software designed to help companies build and foster great customer relationships. From start-ups to large enterprises, they are committed to supporting companies at all levels in order to bring calm to the often chaotic world of customer service.

Zendesk has achieved such widespread use through its flexible solution that can be deployed to meet the needs of any business. Concretely, they provide customer service software with options for a ticketing system, help desk software, a comprehensive knowledge base, and more. Even with Zendesk’s user-friendly CRM, providing great customer support with voice communications can be limiting when dealing with technical incidents. Without good visibility of the problem, customers may struggle to make their issues understood.

ViiBE is the web technology of video assistance and knowledge management designed specifically for contact centers. In one click and without installation, improve customer experience and reduce on-site travels with video assistance.

ViiBE provides a dedicated subdomain to its clients which allows them to use the video communication interface and access their own personal back-office. ViiBE’s integration with Zendesk creates a seamless support experience with video assistance. With ViiBE, companies can optimise and increase their First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates, increase their Net Promoter Score (NPS), and reduce their tech dispatch. In the case of Decathlon, they reported a 25% increase in NPS after using ViiBE for Zendesk.

Simply fill in the form at the top or bottom of the page and our team of customer success managers will reach out regarding the steps to activating ViiBE in your Zendesk platform.


Increased FCR, decreased displacement that leads to decreased costs, time-coded proof of intervention compliance


Decreased displacement reduced C02 emissions and strengthens companies sustainability strategy

Branding & Marketing ​

Branding and Marketing, elevated customer experience, concrete timeframes on how quickly the queries can be resolved

QoS and R&D

Creation of a strong knowledge base, videos of product anomalies can be shared with QoS and R&D departures for product improvement, video can be converted into training materials

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Microsoft Dynamics

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