Ticketing solution

Generate, organize, store, and search data in tickets – standalone or integrated into your tech ecosystem.

Interface of ViiBE inside Zendesk

All the features, wherever you need them

Enrich tickets with video calls

Generate data during calls or unilateral reports and store them in problem-specific tickets.


Gather data from multiple calls or reports in the same ticket to facilitate problem management and escalations.

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Track quantitative data

Leave feedback on the quality of the call and interaction, name the call, and add tags according to what transpired.


Archive calls, improving access to best practices and knowledge management.

Deep-search for high level oversight

Sort and search through tickets by call center, expertise, user, or by call tags to gain high-level oversight into teams.


Find recurring issues, worksite trends, and key challenges that teams are facing.

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Integrate into your ecosystem

Make calls and access data from anywhere in your technological ecosystem.


Integrate in industry leader applications in a few clicks or in proprietary solutions using our web SDK.

Built for easy use

One-minute integrations

Integrate ViiBE into your Ticketing Solution, CRM, or Asset Management Software.

Simple management

Easily create users, expertises, call centers. Access dashboards and KPIs autonomously.

Easy onboarding

Intuitive features, self-onboarding, and the ViiBE Academy to reduce onboarding time.

Frequently asked questions

Companies use ticketing systems to manage their customer service and support communications. These platforms organize incoming requests and questions into individual tickets so that support agents can address one issue at a time in an optimized workflow. Some of the benefits that ticketing systems provide include prioritizing tasks, keeping employees accountable, tracking support center KPIs, better automatization and collaboration, and improve customer communication efficiency.

1. Implement a knowledge management system


Ticketing systems are naturally organized in a way that facilitates the smoother integration of a knowledge management system. ViiBE’s ticketing system automatically archives all important information from ViiBE calls into the ticket, so the information can be searched for and accessed at a later date. This system is beneficial when companies want to be able to retain and pass on the knowledge of more experienced employees. With a built-in knowledge management system, experts can search in the ticketing archives for problems that are similar to the ones they are facing that other experts have already solved. This ticketing system and knowledge management system collaboration is tied together by ViiBE’s ticket tagging system and filter options. 


2. Implement a ticket tagging system


Creating the ability to tag tickets helps organize interactions by subject area. When combined with a ticket archiving system, like ViiBE, this allows technicians, experts, and customer support agents to more easily search through past interactions to find tickets that are closely related to the issue they are trying to solve. Tickets can be filtered based on individual people, machines, tags, or titles to narrow the search. With the ticket archives, the person can then see photos, messages exchanges, and watch video interactions to understand how the parallel issue was resolved. This tagging system promotes self-service which optimizes employee learning and increases the efficiency of maintenance operations.

There are various kinds of ticketing systems available depending on the company’s needs, organizational structure, and size. Some ticketing tools also have mobile apps for service on-the-go. Others have options for project management to keep all the information in one central location. ViiBE’s ticketing tool is unique because of its integrated archiving and knowledge management system, tagging options, and opportunities for deep learning.

Field Service Management (FSM) is a term that encompasses how a company organizes and optimizes all of its external, or field service operations. These operations include everything from customer service activities, scheduling and dispatching, maintenance operations, and inspections. 

A field service manager oversees the planning and execution of these external activities as well as the management of service contracts. The service team manager is focused on optimizing service delivery and increasing productivity while prioritizing a positive customer experience. Managing field operations is a challenging task, so it’s important to find a solution that works well for each team.

Field service management solutions help companies to dispatch technicians and experts, process customer tickets, provide knowledge management organization, and more. There are many field service management software options available, but they vary widely in terms of the functionalities they provide.

It’s important to find an FSM software that helps you optimize your response times, connect field service agents with the right experts or customers, and improve customer satisfaction rates. ViiBE’s field service platform provides a set of advances collaboration and AR tools that allow experts and customer service agents to provide remote assistance and guidance to resolve problems without needing to travel on-site.

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Increase sales and improve customer experience by integrating visual support into your website.

Virtual call center

Reduce downtime by reshaping the way field operators reach out to the right experts in real-time.

Ticketing solution

Generate, organize, store, and search data in tickets – standalone or integrated into your tech ecosystem.

Expertise call routing

Reduce downtime by reshaping the way field operators reach out to the right experts in real-time.

ViiBE report

Help technicians capture on-site information in an instant with autonomous report creation.

Knowledge management

Create a corporate knowledge base and reduce ramp-up times without the need for a dedicated service.

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