Expertise call routing

Reduce downtime by reshaping the way field operators reach out to the right experts in real-time.

Call routing to groups of expertises

Call the right expert, not an expert

Tag experts by expertise

Associate custom tags, a call center, and availabilities to all experts.


Organize business units, countries, or any coherent group into call centers.

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Call routing to groups of expertises

Route calls to groups of experts

Solve issues quickly by routing a call to a specific group of experts.


Select an expertise, a call center, and a call request will be sent to all experts in the group.

Reach the right expert

Connect the technician to the first expert that accepts the call request.


Reduce machine downtime, call redirections, and overall costs.

Viibe product : one on one call with expert

Reduce troubleshooting challenges

Connect technicians to the right expert in just one call, reducing multiple transfers, waste of time, and frustration.

Shorten excess machine downtime and reduce operational costs.

Built for easy use

One-minute integrations

Integrate ViiBE into your Ticketing Solution, CRM, or Asset Management Software.

Simple management

Easily create users, expertises, call centers. Access dashboards and KPIs autonomously.

Easy onboarding

Intuitive features, self-onboarding, and the ViiBE Academy to reduce onboarding time.

Frequently asked questions

A virtual call center is like a typical contact center, except the call center agents can work remotely, even working from home and working from various time zones. Agents can make their calls via a virtual call center software, which allows companies to continue to track call center KPIs by agent or by call center despite not being on-site.

1. Decide on the purpose of your call center


Will you create an inbound call center or an outbound call center? This is important to decide before you hire and structure your teams. You should also note the difference between call centers and contact centers.


2. Hire a team of call center agents


With a virtual call center, the agents can be located anywhere in the world. This allows you to focus on finding the best people for the job without being limited to geography.


3. Equip your agents with the necessary equipment 


The support agents need a certain set of hardware to perform their tasks. Make sure that they have tools like headsets, laptops, and any knowledge management platforms necessary to provide a level of assistance that will create satisfied customers.


4. Select a virtual call center software


To facilitate easy access for employees, companies can use a cloud-based software that allows the team to work from anywhere in the world simply with an internet connection. 


5. Track your contact center KPIs 


An important element to consider when picking which software to use is to find one that will provide multiple levels of KPI tracking. It is important for call center managers to have visibility over the performance metrics of individual agents, teams, and the call center as a whole.


Once these elements are implemented, call center agents can be hired from anywhere to provide customer service.

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Virtual call center

Reduce downtime by reshaping the way field operators reach out to the right experts in real-time.

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Expertise call routing

Reduce downtime by reshaping the way field operators reach out to the right experts in real-time.

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