Outlook emails

Create ViiBE reports from Outlook emails and easily share them to your team.

Empower your Outlook emails with video calls

Unilateral ViiBE reports directly available from Outlook’s emailing system.

Empower field technicians and agents

Create a report

Create a new email, directly from Outlook, and attach a ViiBE report to share to the relevant experts.

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Capture real-time data

Access all collaborative features, without entering a call. Share screen, take snapshots, attach documents, add annotations, and more.


Make diagnosing the issue easy for the experts by providing them with the real-time video feed of the technician.

Name, tag, and assign

Facilitate troubleshooting by naming, describing, and applying tags to the issue.


Review report data to find recurring issues and enable knowledge management.

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Easy to share

Share a report to the relevant experts relevantly, who can asynchronously troubleshoot the issue.

Troubleshoot the issue

Access all the report information; live video feed, images, documents, and annotations.


Escalate to other experts or expertises easily.

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Outlook email


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