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ViiBE video assistance contact interfaces

Traditional means of communication such as phone calls and e-mails are no longer sufficient for troubleshooting. The risk of losing important data and their inability to transfer large attachments may cause companies lots of resources in case when customers need assistance. 


Customers also expect personalized assistance, the proximity of experts even when it comes to remote support, and the ease with which they can troubleshoot. 


Over the past few years, there has been a transformation in the magnitude and extent of data utilized by companies, with data becoming integral to numerous business models. Companies have started looking for solutions that would help them constitute effective knowledge management systems. 


Originally ViiBE was developed as a solution for emergency medical call centers. Later on, it pivoted towards providing industrial technical support and after-sales services with a platform that is accessible in a single click, without download, and equipped with dedicated functions to optimize remote diagnoses.

Experts can easily access ViiBE from their CRM, FSM, CMMS, EAM, etc. solutions without changing user habits. Thanks to this seamless integration all the generated data is stored inside the tickets/work orders/cases making it easy for the team members to collaborate. 

Praxedo’s acquisition of ViiBE

Since April 2023, ViiBE has been acquired by Praxedo, a French leader in field service management solutions, recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant. 


The seamless integration of ViiBE’s cutting-edge technology with Praxedo’s robust field service management solution presents an ideal synergy, empowering field technicians to promptly seek remote assistance from service center experts in real-time, facilitating on-site issue resolution.


This implementation of ViiBE’s technology brings forth a multitude of advantages for users, notably the capacity to enhance a pivotal metric in field service management: the first-call fix rate.


As an integral component of Praxedo’s product suite, ViiBE remains committed to advancing its standalone capabilities while working with an extensive array of industries.

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